AsianCandyPop - Bell [HD 1080p] скачать порно

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AsianCandyPop - Bell [HD 1080p]

In my neverending quest for quality poontang it requires that I'm always pounding the pavement and checking out every dark alley and hole-in-the-wall locations in the chance that I might stumble upon a diamond in the rough. It's sometimes quite a real choir when you end up in some shithole bar with all fat ugly slappers in the hope that something decent climbs out of the backroom. Such was the case with Bell, I was talking to some 28 year old dumpy broad that was trying to get a drink out of me and feeling extremely board and irritated, when Bell came out of the toilets and made a beeline to the stage and starting gyrating and revolving around the pole of the ago bar. I watched her transfixed as she was the only thing in the bar worth looking at and had moves like few agogo bar girls could match. I knew I had found my diamond and I had to grab her attention. After her set she came down , plunked down beside me and was eager to get out of the bar as well as I think she was beginning to realize that she picked the wrong bar to work at as they didn't seem to appreciate her dancing skills. This girl had enthusiasm for the sex like few others and was just a cool girl to hang out with more personality than 90 percent of the Thai girls. I really rocked her out and she was all the happier for it. Thailand needs more girls like this.
Format : MPEG-4
File size : 1.72 GiB
Duration : 35mn 47s
Overall bit rate : 6 890 Kbps
Video : 1920x1080

AsianCandyPop - Bell [HD 1080p]

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