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FTVGirls - Madelyn [HD 1080p]

This Total First Time Teen flies in from Seattle, to have her first adult experience. Just turned 18, she's full of energy, gifted with such a fun personality! Its a cold January day, and she's running through a gas station area and flashing her breasts, goosebumps everywhere! Even though its super cold, she takes her shirt off and flashes some more. She's a gorgeous girl, with big beautiful blue eyes, and full of beautiful smiles & laughter. Back home she undresses for us, tries on a sexy dress, then gives herself a hard breast massage, and a little bit of foot fetish. Using a vibrator, she masturbates to a strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. Out at a medical office, she's dressed up sexy with heels, and discovers a large cucumber, and starts penetrating herself right there in front of a dental office! She takes it as deep as she can from several different positions. Back to warmth of the house, she runs into Danielle doing a photoshoot, and they end up deep kissing and playing with each others' breasts. Some closeups of them doing some hard nipple sucking... Madelyn then tries out the Vibraking Toy, and gets off with an even stronger orgasm! Notice the vaginal contractions and the way her legs & feet shake... We get some extreme closeups of her large and swollen clitoris, and then she tries inserting 4 fingers inside her. A lunch break & breast flashing interview is next, notice how personable she is. By the end of the day she goes her most extreme & kinky -- With her hair in pigtails she takes a very large & thick curling iron and penetrates herself. Eventually she's got the whole thing inside her, deep! So enjoy this beautiful teen, having her first time experience here on FTV... before she became a porn star.

Model Comments: Hi guys, its Madelyn. I flew in from Seattle yesterday and I'm shooting here in Phoenix all day. I thought it was supposed to be sunny and warm but I guess January is no warmer here than it is in Seattle. They paid for my flight to Phoenix and then I head over to LA after this and I'm planning to shoot more videos. I was recommended by an agent in LA to shoot with this site first and it was a lot of fun. I had to stay overnight and I had this really comfy bed to sleep in. You can say that I'm leaving my parents because they've been too strict all my life. My mom is the hardcore bible thumper and never let me do anything. I was even ashamed to masturbate and didn't until just a year ago because I was made to feel like its sinful. I was in an all girl Catholic private school too and there most of us ended up experimenting with each other. You could say that a school like that makes many girls lipstick lesbians. Well I turned 18 about a month ago and so I decided I want to leave cold and wet Seattle and start a new life. I worked full time at a clothing store but I wanted to make more money than 8 dollars an hour. So here I am :)
Format : Windows Media
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Duration : 1h 8mn
Overall bit rate : 8 159 Kbps
Video : 1920x1080

FTVGirls - Madelyn [HD 1080p]

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