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FTVGirls - Patricia [HD 1080p]

Right away you notice how gorgeous this girl is, and how much fun she has on her first time shoot doing adult nudes! Walking through a resort, she's in casual clothing, then she strips down and changes to something very sexy -- like a professional schoolgirl outfit with classy heels. Her breasts are so big, you can't help but try to get a peek! She massages her big breasts, then finds a dildo and has some hard, deep sex with it. Unfortunately we get caught and are forced to leave. Back home, she tries the Vibraqueen vibrator, and has several nice natural orgasms... she just doesn't seem to want to stop! Notice the strong visible vaginal contractions, and how wet she is inside. Back out at another resort, she's wearing the sexiest black dress & heels, and soon enough her breasts are out and she's walking topless. Finding an even larger dildo, she has more sex with it, including a deep ride on the steps. She looks so sexy doing it... At lunch, she does a topless interview, and makes her big breasts bounce, right there in a busy restaurant! Some people take notice... Then at a grocery store, she buys some veggies, and flashes her breasts again! A postman takes notice, and wants to take photos with her :) Then its time for a sexy dance, with pink stockings & heels. It turns into some explicit spreads and closeups of her private parts. She has the cutest & petite vagina you've ever seen! Notice how flexible she is, and how she can even put her legs behind her head... makes for even hotter extreme closeups. Then she does some foot fetish of her very pretty feet (everything seems pretty about her!) and even sucks on her toe. She gets a very hard breast and butt massage by her man, and he even fingers her butt deep with his thumb. Trying out a banana, stuffing it as deep as she can go, then the huge summer squash -- she tries her best but they're so big for her petite vagina! Then her man pounds her hard with the Long Pink Toy, while she's in doggy style. Finishing off, she takes on the Vibraking, and has one last, super strong orgasm. Another total First Time Video Girl, and one of the cutest ever :)

Model Comments: Hey everyone. it is Patricia here. I just want to tell everyone I had such a great and fun experience on my shoot the other day. I started off at 10:30 - 11:00 o'clock am and went till about 6 or 7 pm. Long day, but it was filled with surprises at every turn. Lol. I first got to the photographers house and let me tell you it was amazing. Beautiful landscaping and plants everywhere you turned. He opened the door and we immediately jumped right into the shoot and working. He loved what I was wearing. Just some Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, a Roxy top, and some Roxy high heeled flip flops. Great for the weather that was happening. We then sat down at his table and he told me a basic run down of how the day was going to go. Where we were going to shoot, what we were shooting, places and all the fun details of the day that he had planned for me. Then he got out his camera and camcorder and we started filming and taking demo shoots. The first video was a introduction of me and how and why I wanted to do this and how I got into it. I was so nervous and kinda scared at first. I had butterflies in my stomach. Then after stalking about my self we jumped right into getting me naked and taking some pictures, I was so nervous i went straight to taking everything off instead of doing it slow and taking my time so he could take pictures of me taking my clothes off. So I to slow do and restart. I took pictures of me in just me t-shirt and jeans then with out the top, then my pussy. All different angles and poses that i would have never thought to do. He then pulled out this machine that I had never heard of before and he said it worked magic. It was called a Vibra Queen. You put it on your clit and it makes you have an orgasm. i used it probably five minutes and I think I had 5 or 6 orgasms. I was so tingly afterwards. It felt so good. I told myself I had to get myself one of those. After we did those photos he told me we were going to our next location to shoot. We picked out an outfit to wear and we were on our way. We went to an office building that still had some people in it and working, so we had to be careful and keep a watchful eye so we didn't get in trouble. So we found a nice little spot to do our shoot where no one was around or working. It looked like a nice place to start. So I did a couple of walks and took a bunch of pictures before we started to record anything. Then we got started. I was nervous too, i almost forgot my routine and what i was going to do because I had never done this or anything like this ever. I had never considered doing this either. So as I was walking down the hallway of this office building I was overlooking these house behind the building. I was thinking to myself, hope someone doesn't have a telescope so they could see everything that was happening. Lol. I started touching my self and taking off my clothes and then I changed into my second outfit. It was a sexy secretary mixed with naughty school girl twist super cute. I had white heels with super short shorts, paired with a white bottom top and a pink plaid vest. Super cute and sexy I would have to say. So after I put on my new outfit for the shoot, we start taking more pictures and continue with the video. I do the same as before and walk down the hallway stop at the office opening and then i take off my pants. Of course I don't have any underwear on 'cuz no matched with the outfit and it was alot sexier and hotter not to. After I took off my shorts I played with myself and clit while taking some pictures as well. As I was doing that, out of the corner of my eye I saw an older man staring down the hall as if he was trying to see if he could make out what we were doing so I then I moved to the chair so I could masturbate with my big dildo Charles. Lol yes I name my dildos. As I am masturbating and really enjoying myself. Having a good time a Security guard comes up and yells at us, and telling us to leave. So we hurry up pack up and leave. We zoomed out of there as fast as we could before we got followed. Super fun and kinky stuff I would say.
So we get back to his place and pick out another outfit to wear for the next shoot. I brought a ot of stuff to choose from so it took a bit to decide. Finally we choose this sexy short summer tube top dress with the zipper on the boos so they can be exposed and a pair of black sexy stilettos. We then pack up all the stuff we need along with a new dildo that I call George, and head out to the next location. So we get to our next place that we will be shooting at and it is kinda busy as well It is another office building, but we decide to do the back of it so we are not easily spotted. So we get started right away. I walk back and forth getting to kmow the area that i will be working with, and I decide that I will most likely have to use the shade for when I sit down anywhere because the ground is to hot to sit on or touch. So I walk down this office buildings hall and stop and start unzipping my dress so my tits can come out and play. As I am doing that I am checking again to make sure no one is around, so we don't get caught again. I sit6 down and change from my high heeled flip flops into my black sexy steletos. I then walk back around the corner a sit on a ledge and start playing with my pussy and get ready to use my big guy George. I take off my panties and let them dangle off my shoe before I decided to move somewhere else. The ledge that I was sitting on was pretty high up and I was scared to use my George on me. I might have fallen or dropped him and then I wouldnt be able to use him again. I then moved towards the windows in the shade so I could use my giant dildo and when I remember that I forgot my bag (like I did everytime I moved and walked somewhere else) that I needed, because it had George in it. I went back and grabbed my bag and moved back towards the windows that were in the shade so I could sit down and play with myself. I put George on the floor and started to ride him like there was no tomorrow. He went so deep inside and felt so good. I didn't want to stop, but we decided to move toards the stairs so I could ride him better. I must tell you those stairs we blazing hot. They felt as if they were on fire when I had to sit down and put my hands down so I could balance myself. I took off my shoes so I could get a better balance and riding posture as well. My feet got so dirty from those steps. I felt like I was getting a leg workout too from all that squatting so I decided to stand up and shove it in me. As I was doing my thing standing up I let it hang out of me and watch it dangle. Then I put it back in and pounded it. I was so hot and sweety from the heat of being outside my George slipped out of my hands and feel onto the ground. I was so bummed that I could not use it anymore so we packed up and left. As we were headed back to the car I didn't feel like putting my shoes back on so I had to run across the hot asfalt into the car. Wow that was hot.
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FTVGirls - Patricia [HD 1080p]

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