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FTVGirls - Lacie [HD 1080p]

Just turned 18, this gorgeous redhead has her Total First Time Experience here with FTV... We first spot this gorgeous teen walking in the cutest schoolgirl outfit, finding a place to read a book. We get glimpses up her skirt, and watch as her panties wedge between her private parts. Soon enough she's taking them off and rubbing herself in this school/park area! A natural redhead, she has a nice patch of red hair down there... Then she gives us glimpses of her breasts, which happen to be the most perfect, round firm B cups with perfect perky nipples. She then goes topless and continues to masturbate, then runs around with everything off! Back home she uses her fingers to masturbate to a nice, natural orgasm. Trying on some cute pink lingerie for us, she shows off how she masturbates in the bathtub (and eventually does to orgasms under the shower head). We get some extreme closeups of her private parts, and she then does some long labia stretching and pulling up close (and playing with that pubic hair...). She gets kinky and does some pink panty stuffing, and then shows off her flexibility through her ballerina days. Out at lunch, she's wearing a sexy dress and her nipples show right through! Her tight shorts show off the cameloe, and they eventually come off at this sassy resort mall. Off to a more remote (but still public) area, she changes clothes to a very cute white dress that shows off her naked bottom half, and the cutest strappy white wedges. Notice how sexy her toned legs are, as she walks bottomless through the resort. Finding some cucumbers, she tries stuffing them, first one really deep until it nearly goes missing -- and attempts to double stuff a pair. Back home she shows off her ballerina skills to music, dancing and stretching for us -- and finishing off with the Big Pink Toy. It seemed to big for her at start, but as she keeps working it in, it turned her on more and more, and she wouldn't stop! Eventually taking it very deep, and getting very milky wet from it. She's the perfect FTV Girl, and see her first time adventure -- expressing her natural beauty in such a sexy manner.

Model Comments: You know I didn't have a clue what I'd be doing when I arrived in phx. I saw the site and my girlfriend was the one who set me up and everything but she isn't the one going out on a limb to shoot porn! Well maybe it isn't that kind of porn and ever since I turned 18 last month I wanted to do something like this. What ended up making my mind was those really pretty photos that are all over the site. So I'm starting with this site and I'll probably do more (nothing porn-wise with guys) but girls for sure. I love girls and I've been with them before I ever had a boyfriend. Maybe I like girls more but I'm what you'd call bisexual. Maybe its my red hair but I can turn most girls lesbian just like my roomate who dared me to do ftv. Because of my red hair people think I'm Irish but I'm actually Norwegian. Never been there, born and raised in California. I've been a redhead most of my life but took a chance and dyed my hair blonde (because guys all seem to want blondes) and it was cool for a while. But all my gf's preferred me redhead. It matches my pubic hair too :) You should have seen the shock the photographer had when he met me at the airport dressed the way I was. I thought it'd be cute to come in theme and me & my gf picked it out, down to the necktie! At the time I didn't know why we're going out to some park and fancy place to do the shooting but after seeing the pics & videos I see why! I was both nervous and excited about getting naked there. I can't say I've ever done this before! Something inside me wanted to do more after experiencing it. He told me to masturbate like I would do when I'm at home on my bed so I did. I don't really use vibrators (but sometimes I like using them on my girlfriends). I pretty much use my fingers the way I did on film or I do it in the shower. That's how I figured out how to masturbate in the first place.
Format : Windows Media
File size : 4.40 GiB
Duration : 1h 18mn
Overall bit rate : 8 152 Kbps
Video : 1920x1080

FTVGirls - Lacie [HD 1080p]

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