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FTVGirls - Malena [HD 1080p]

Model Comments: So, you want me to tell you about myself... Well, I guess I should just start at the very beginning with my first kiss. It wasn't the whole fairytale version of the story, that every girl wishes it was. It was a dare. You see, we were very naughty kids and me and my friends liked to play truth or dare- a lot. It was probably the game we played most. Everything was going on as usual- little kid stuff- and my friend was looking though her parent's things in their closet. She finds a kama sutra book and it was all downhill from there. Our "innocent" truth or dare turned x-rated, even though we didn't realize what we were doing. We would dare each other to do stupid things, like dance around naked while swinging our undies on our finger.
Eventually, one of my friends and I started to do these naughty things on our own time. We usually acted upon our fledgling sex drives in the shower after we were done swimming in my pool. We would 69 with each other before ever having seen anything like it- I don't know how we came up with it. We described the act to each other with our hands. This was all when I was in 4th grade- an early start, right? A few years later, when I was in 6th grade, I found myself on a webcam chatroom and was tricked into playing with myself through the whole truth or dare thing. I believe that experience is what turned me into an exhibitionist, because now I LOVE playing on webcam or in front of the camera- I just like being watched. Yada Yada... I was drinking tequila with my boyfriend one night and he fell asleep, but I kept drinking. So, I got really drunk- got horny- and decided to find some sort of naughty webchat site. I loved it and kept doing it, nightly, after that. One time, when I was playing in the chatroom at my boyfriends house while he wasn't home, a person recorded my video feed. It ended up on some stupid clip site, and I didn't know. Well my boyfriend was the type to watch a lot of porn and he FOUND it! He was really mad at first and then, after a while, he decided he wanted to do it with me... Then someone offered us money... Then we wanted to become porn stars... And here I am, working on my First Time Video.
Format : Windows Media
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Duration : 1h 43mn
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Video : 1920x1080

FTVGirls - Malena [HD 1080p]

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