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FTVGirls - Karina [HD 1080p]

Model Comments: My name is Karina and i am 21 years old. im born and raised in LA. I live next to the LAX airport. I just started modeling and im brand spanking new. I come from a very strict family. I was raised catholic. I went to catholic school from kindergarten to eighth grade. I loved wearing my cute uniform to school. It was a white button down collard shirt, with a hiked up red plaid skirt. I usually accessorized with high socks and maryjane shoes. I looked so hot in my eighth grade uniform. I wish i still had it. Although, I do have alot of School girl outfits which i tried on an showed off for FTV. My life now is very busy. Im always working and always going going going. Im your average LA girl. Im a medical Marijuana advocate. My favorite type of guy is dark hair with light blue eyes, nice build, MUST BE A GENTLEMAN. I hate that for most men, CHIVALRY is dead. I find it a huge turn on when a man will open my door, brought me flowers, or even stick up for me in a time of need. I want my knight and shining armor, because well i AM a princess! I am a very loyal girl and i hope that everyone in my life is just as loyal to me. I try to be very nice and sweet to everyone i meet because i believe manners and treating people the way you would like to be treated is very important. I do like girls as well. They are very gentle when they make love and it was a whole new experience for me. Being with a girl also lets me explore my DOMINANT side. I am an aries and if you dont know what that means ill explain. Aries girls have very unique traits. We always have to be in control. We like rough sex. We are in charge. Aries in greek Mythology was the GOD OF WAR. That explains my astrological sign very well. I am quick tempered and i dont let many people fuck with me. The only person who would be able to experience my submissive side would be my boyfriend. IF i had one. I do have many men ask me on dates or show interest, but i have a very picky side to me. If i meet someone I know right away if im attracted to them. Usually in the first conversation I have the other person pretty much figured out. Im very good at reading people. Im also a very open and BLUNT person. If i have something important on my mind, you are going to hear it, i dont care what you think or say. Thats just me, and some people will just LOVE ME OR HATE ME. But you know what, Ive learned that either way. YOU ARE ALL STILL OBSESSED WITH ME!
Love K
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FTVGirls - Karina [HD 1080p]

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