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FTVGirls - Rileyr [HD 1080p]

Model Comments: Now if your wondering about how i got into the industry, thats a sorta, hmm how should i put it, complicated story. So short story was i needed money cause i dont come from an even middle class family so when it came to tooth paste, underwear, whatever it was my job to support myself and buy it. So i was working at a shoe store getting about 10 hours a week, barely supporting myself when i got in some kind of trouble. So i basically owed about $2000 to the government -.- and had no money, yikes. So i went to the local strip club for an amateur contest and didnt win, but i met a "lovely" girl who won and made "friends" with and exchanged numbers. Few weeks later i call her to see how shes doing and to talk about another amateur contest, well she said forget that lets talk about porn. So i didnt have a boyfriend, didnt have a man so i figured what the hell why not! The money was great and ive always been the very sexually open one in the group. So porn here i come! and honestly all i can say since is i was at the right time at the right place cause here i am now sharing my story with you and it may be a bit wild but we all have wild lives. So getting back to my sexual open-ness ;). In my group of friends i was always the wild one, i either had two guy friends, one on each arm that i was hooking up with. They thought i was their lil treat but they had no idea at how much i had them on call, when i wanted to fuck they were both there. Ive also had this oral fixation since i was a child i was a thumb sucker. Then about 14 i think is when it went from thumb, to dick. I never really knew what i was doing when it came to sucking dick, but ive just always liked to do it. Id get really into it and just really, what guys would say, put my heart into it. Ive gotten from most men that i am in there top if not best dick sucker ever, idk its just that i like to please a man and being able to be the reason of him going crazy just turns me the F on! lol anywho i do like oral satisfaction, girls boys and on myself. I find it crazy when i meet girls who say they think its gross for a boy to lick their pussy. Im like damn girl is your shit that nasty or something! like what the hell! I loveee when a man or lady goes there, of course you shower and make sure you nice and ready and you dont want to leave a bad impression of your self hygiene on your lover but to say you just do not want to participate in any kind of oral sex, i find that just weird. I mean maybe i dont have anal, but that doesnt mean im any less sexually open then any other. Ive fucked in front of friends at parties, just having fun! You only live life once so why not just live it up, dont dwell on it and cry over this boy or even start regretting what youve done.
Format : Windows Media
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Duration : 1h 16mn
Overall bit rate : 8 209 Kbps
Video : 1280x720

FTVGirls - Rileyr [HD 1080p]

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