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Karen (41 mins) When this perky breasted brunette strolled into my office I wandered if she was old enough to partake in this casting. She was so cute and innocent I almost felt guilty about lying to her. In my mind I was already mentally peeling her panties off with my teeth. I was pleased that she found me on my internet advert, emailed me asking if I could get her a job, It was convenient because she was in Hungary visited her friends so it was easy for her to drop by whilst she was in the neighborhood. She was a psychology student, so at times I was afraid that she might suss me out. I kept getting the impression that she was trying to psycho analysis everything I was saying, but in fairness to her she was one of the friendliest girls I've had on my couch. She looked happy when I told her that she could travel to the U.S.A with this business. Surprisingly she'd only slept with two people, even though losing her virginity at a really young age, I really wanted to be her third but she was adamant that a blow job was the maximum. There was something about the way she was whispering to me as she gently licked the end of my cock that was driving me crazy. I was getting increasingly frustrated that she wouldn't let me bend one into her. When all is said and done I must say it was one of the sexiest blow jobs I've ever had.
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Overall bit rate : 1 815 Kbps
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