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Автор: вырви_глаз от 16-10-2012, 00:58 | Посмотрело: 1106 | Категория: HD порно, Анал и Анальный секс

SmackMyBitch.com - Valentina [HD 1080p]

From the first time you check out Valentina you can tell that she’s a fun-loving, hot slut willing to do just about anything as long as it feels good. She likes sex to be vibrant, aggressive, and at times rough because it turns her on more and she’s not ashamed of that. She likes a man with a big cock so it will feel as though she’s being stretched out and she likes to try new positions and show off how flexible she can be when there’s a big dick trying to get into her tight hole and bang her hard. To be fucked is to be happy for the cute chick and she lets you know it whenever possible.
Format : Windows Media
File size : 1.79 GiB
Duration : 24mn 35s
Overall bit rate : 10.4 Mbps
Video : 1920x1080

SmackMyBitch.com - Valentina [HD 1080p]

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