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EuroSexParties - Tiffany Doll - Erotic doll [HD 1080p]

EuroSex takes a visit to France this week. Tifany is in the mood to party and wants to fuck. She wants to show why the words menage et troIs are so well known. It doesnt take long to entice James and Renato into the threesome. Tifany struts her beautiful, streamline body around the room while rubbing her luscious ass up against her company. She proclaims that she wants to fuck and wants to feel cock in her ass. Soon enough shes on her knees with two dicks in her mouth. Then the guys switch on and off giving Tifany a cock in the mouth and the other in her pussy. But Tifany wants more and soon her tight, little ass is being fucked along with her petite pussy. James and Renato share their DP responsibilities to give Tifany as much pleasure as she can handle. Tifany never tires and keeps fucking and sucking till James and Renato are dried up. Tifany got her much wanted fuck party and received creampie and facial mementos.
Format : MPEG-4
File size : 3.46 GiB
Duration : 48mn 32s
Overall bit rate : 10.2 Mbps
Video : 1920x1080

EuroSexParties - Tiffany Doll - Erotic doll [HD 1080p]

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