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Автор: вырви_глаз от 20-11-2012, 04:11 | Посмотрело: 724 | Категория: HD порно

MyFriendsHotMom - Kasey Storm [HD 1080p]

Kris goes over to his buddy's house because he sees a motorcycle outside of his house. His pal's mom Kasey Storm is home and he tells her that he's hoping to borrow her son's bike to impress a girl he's taking on a date. After a lengthy talk, Kris finds out that the motorcycle doesn't belong to Ms. Storm's son, because it's hers! The hot blonde MILF is more than willing to let Kris borrow the motorcycle, but only if he'll let her ride him first. Out come her big tits, and she shifts his stick into her hot pussy!
Format : MPEG-4
File size : 943 MiB
Duration : 25mn 30s
Overall bit rate : 5 169 Kbps
Video : 1920x1080

MyFriendsHotMom - Kasey Storm [HD 1080p]

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