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Shy-Girls.com - Marie - Marie's First Scene [HD 720p] скачать порно

Автор: вырви_глаз от 22-11-2012, 00:48 | Посмотрело: 1821 | Категория: HD порно, Домашнее и любительское, Молоденькие, Анал и Анальный секс

Shy-Girls.com - Marie - Marie's First Scene [HD 720p]

I want to talk to you about ass fucking. Do you fuck girls in the ass a lot? I don't. You might think that I would given that my job is fucking girls but they really don't like it that much and I'm a nice guy so usually my cock ends up in their pussies and not their asses. But, when the opportunity presents itself I'm more than happy to introduce the 'ol One Eye to a girls brown eye. I have two observations for you. 1. An asshole feels a lot like a pussy. It's a little tighter, yes. But it's still just a warm hole. 2. There's shit in there. It gets on your dick. Before you shove your dick in there shove an enema in there first and make her clean that fucker out.

I wish I could tell you everything I learned about Marie in the few hours we spent together. I wish I could tell you all the reasons that being here with me today is a bad idea for her. But i can't. I could...but then she might not come back and fuck me again. This is the last girl I would have expected to end up on this site.

Anyway, I ran her through her paces in this one. There was a little body exploration and playing with vibrators, a beautifully sloppy blowjob with tons of fucking spit and a little gagging, some light choking while I was fucking her, she got double penetrated by my cock and a couple of anal plugs, and took two loads of cum.

Speaking of cum. I creampied in her ass. I know you're going to hate me for this but I had to blur part of that out. The department of justice seems to think that shit on film is obscene and I don't want to get sent off to the slammer. When I pulled my cock out of her ass it unleashed this torrent of cum and shit that's just not hot in any way. The second cumshot however lands all over her face and you get to see every moment of that.

Enjoy Marie!
Format : MPEG-4
File size : 1.81 GiB
Duration : 48mn 40s
Overall bit rate : 5 317 Kbps
Video : 1280x720

Shy-Girls.com - Marie - Marie's First Scene [HD 720p]

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