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Shy-Girls.com - Bryn - Bryn's First Scene [HD 720p]

I've got a lot to say about this girl so take a seat. First off, Bryn holds the record for the longest decision making process in the history of this site. She contacted me a long ass time ago with some curiosity about the process but she was pretty hesitant. The email exchanges went on for 9 months, 18 days, 7 hours. I'm not kidding. I counted. Maybe that doesn't strike you as odd but it really is. The average time between a girl e-mailing me and ending up on the far side of my cock (or near side for that matter) is about 3 weeks.

Until the day of the shoot I wasn't even sure it was going to go down primarily because I didn't see photos of this girl until almost the last moment. I was afraid I'd wasted my time and energy on some chick that I didn't really want to fuck. Lucky for me she ended up being the opposite. Check out those tits. Amazing. And her perfectly trimmed bush really turned me on. I love a freshly shaved pussy but a little hair here and there is a nice change of pace.

Bryn's has an awesome personality and despite some initial nerves this girl really enjoys herself. She's unattached at the moment but she's wearing the mask because as she says "I want to look as little like myself as possible." I'm guessing mom and dad wouldn't be too happy to see their precious daughter getting defiled on film.

There was one slight problem. She got her fucking period! Blood doesn't gross me out but I'm not trying to make a god damn horror movie, nor do I want the hotel to charge me for all the sheets, so I had to stop shooting for the day. Luckily for me she came back a week later to finish the shots we didn't get the first time around. You may notice some slight continuity issues given that we filmed in two different hotels but I seriously doubt you're going to care.

What's in store for? Sucking, fucking, and a pair of creampies comprise Bryn's debut. I've got some bloody period footage as well and I'll get that out in a separate update for you dirty freaks out there.
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Shy-Girls.com - Bryn - Bryn's First Scene [HD 720p]

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