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MoneyTalks - Sweet deal [HD 1080p]

Welcome to another Holiday edition of Money Talks. First we bring you a special Xmas greeting from Santa in Vagina Claus. You have to see it to believe it! Then Havoc hits the streets for Taxi Cab Titty Flashes. Finally its back to the shop with Jmac, where Vinette shows up for some help with her laptop. After we attend to a few customers, its time to close up shop and get to work on that big ole booty, with the Jmac attack!
Format : MPEG-4
File size : 3.33 GiB
Duration : 46mn 49s
Overall bit rate : 10.2 Mbps
Video : 1920x1080

MoneyTalks - Sweet deal [HD 1080p]

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