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When a girl starts in good spirits and finishes in tears you have all the hallmarks of an excellent movie. Bom was down walking street in pattaya working at an agogo. She was pretty enough and came in a nice small package. I had a choice between her or her friend which is a rare opportunity so I choose the cuter of the two. Getting her back to the pad was easy enough but I sensed her hesitation. I got her to calm down telling her I would walk her through the steps of the porn scene. Once she got the cock in her mouth she knew the score and proceeded as most Thai girls are want. As the scene went on and my mate blew his load in her face I knew it was my turn to do some damage. I got nice and rough with her which brought her to tears but I just kept at it. I couldn't get enough of this girls tight pussy which was quite notable , as both me and my mate agreed. It just had the right amount of dryness without being too dry that really causes the pussy to clamp down and suck the juice right out of your cock. It's like the pussy just knows it needs some fluids, so it sucks what it can from a penetrating member to help moisture it's sugar walls. I duly shot my load in her face while she bucked like a bronco to get away from my spurts. The cry she had really refreshed her like so many do, don't believe the tears, when most girls cry on film, their the same girls that are begging to do more porn later 80 percent of the time for some reason. It's really quite a Phenomenon but I speak absolutely true.
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