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AsianCandyPop - Pu - Sensations [HD 1080p]

I got this sweet young thang from the mean streets of Pattaya, she was working on Walking Street and was on her way to neeting up with a customer so he could have his way with her. New to the game, But learning fast, she knew the score, when it came to the cock, But she wasn't quite sure what I had in store for her. A bit timid at first with a dear in the headlights look when she saw the lights at the shag pad. I coxed her into making a sweet movie, which allowed me to plow the inner depths of her sweet sweet sugar walls. Her Pussy had a nice grasping, accommodating feel with a touch of silk. I rocked her out some but was never quite able to find my grove as the rebound action on the rock out position wasn't quite bouncing right. I had my way with her locked her into the chair position so I wouldn't have a runner and proceeded to unload in her mouth and face. All in a days work, bread and butter baby, bread and butter.
Format : MPEG-4
File size : 1.63 GiB
Duration : 33mn 51s
Overall bit rate : 6 889 Kbps
Video : 1920x1080

AsianCandyPop - Pu - Sensations [HD 1080p]

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