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AsianCandyPop - Pom [HD 1080p]

On a night when I was pressured for time and the rain kept on hammering down I was lining girls up left and right for shoots. This was one of those nights where you could say the porn gods were smiling down upon us. I had one in one agogo but I put her off for a couple hours as I was waiting for my mate to finish up a Ladyboy shoot. I lined up two more and then returned to the bar where I had the first girl. She had been snatched up by some horned up monger so I had to go back to the place where I had the other two. Pom was my first choice at that place so we went back to the shag pad in some somewhat heavy rain. This girl was pretty easy going but do to the late hour she was running out of steam so I started to take matters in my own hands and really gave her the gusto. Her pussy was nice and slimy just like I like so you can really pound away without friction slowing you down. I gave her a mini dribble in her face which was piss poor so I unhooked her from her restraints and pounded away until I unlocked my left nut all over her young face. It was a a double nut but not in a good way. I think the late hour had even gotten me out of sync. Somehow I pulled though in the clutch and another scene was in the can.
Format : MPEG-4
File size : 1.96 GiB
Duration : 40mn 42s
Overall bit rate : 6 889 Kbps
Video : 1920x1080

AsianCandyPop - Pom [HD 1080p]

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